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Cairo Consulting Center is a totally Egyptian Owned Business established in 1975. It started as an accounting consultant and analyst aiming to establish a brand name in the Egyptian market.

In 1977, and from the contents of Business planning and market forecasting, business scope was totally
changed to be focused on fire fighting field and its relevant equipment. It was an aggressive movement but a challenge one as at that period of time this kind of business was not well known and expertise was missing this market.

Year 1979 was the take off of our business plan towards market leadership purposing the finest sanctuary position of precaution and protection building a rigid durable instance of shelter and safety by putting in the market the highest quality and latest technology products provided to our clients (firemen) to facilitate in fighting the fire and saving innocents' life.

Cairo Consulting Center
2 C.C.C Company Profile
Continuing our business trip and in the following years, we were always seeking for generating growth by means of value, quality and perseverance till we lead our company to be the exclusive agent of the most of the leading international companies specialist in Fire Fighting/ Occupational health and Environmental Safety/Rescue and Security Systems fields.